Setup Apache Kafka on IBM Cloud

IBM Event Streams is a managed service of an Apache Kafka instance on IBM Cloud. IBM Event Streams is a high-throughput message bus built on Apache Kafka, supporting all Kafka APIs and optimized for event ingestion and event stream distribution on IBM Cloud.

To setup an Apache Kafka instance on IBM Cloud:

  • Search the catalog for Kafka or Event Streams,

  • Click the Event Streams service,

  • Click the Create button,

  • Go to the Service credentials page,

  • Click the New credential button,

  • Name the credential <username>-eventstreams-kafka-servicecredentials-1,

  • Click the Add button,

  • You will need the service credentials to the Event Streams service to access the Kafka server,

Next, create a topic:

  • Go to the Manage page to return to the service dashboard,

  • Click the Create a topic pane, or go to the Topics tab and click the Create topic button,

  • For Topic name enter greetings,

  • Click Next,

  • Keep the value for Partitions to 1,

  • Click Next,

  • Set Message Retention to A day,

  • Click Create topic,

  • A message will popup

Topic creation requested
A request to create topic 'greetings' has been made.
  • It may take a while before the topic is created,