Jenkins as a Service

When a build is run in Jenkins on OpenShift, a new build container is created at each run. Jenkins agent pods, also known as slave pods, are deleted by default after the build completes or is stopped.

The OpenShift Container Platform provides three images suitable for use as Jenkins slaves: a Base, Maven, and Node.js images. The first is a base image for all Jenkins agents:

  • It pulls in both the required tools (headless Java, the Jenkins JNLP client) and the useful ones (including git, tar, zip, and nss among others).

  • It establishes the JNLP agent as the entrypoint.

  • It includes the oc client tooling for invoking command line operations from within Jenkins jobs.

  • It provides Dockerfiles for both CentOS and RHEL images.

Two more images that extend the base image are also provided:

  • Maven v3.5 image

  • Node.js v8 image